Where to Buy

3P Technologies S.R.L.

P : +39 049 7800063
E : contact@trepi.it
W : www.trepi.it

Italy, Europe

ActVisual GmbH

P: +41 44 922 11 11
E: info@actvisual.com
W: www.actvisual.com

Switzerland, Europe


P : +7 499 502 52 54
E : info@avilex.ru
W : www.avilex.ru

Russia, Europe

AV Design Lys Lyd Bilde AS

P: +47 23372120
E: firmapost@avdesign.no
W: www.avdesign.no

Norway, Europe

Austman Consulting AB

P: +46 705 082811
E: mats@austman.se
W: www.austman.se

Sweden, Europe

Digital Visual Solutions Sweden AB

P: +46 8 564 758 80
E: info@dvsolutions.se
W: www.dvsolutions.se

Sweden, Europe

Exxact Corporation

P: +1 510 226 7366
E: sales@exxactcorp.com
W: www.exxactcorp.com

North America

Kanoon Productions

P: +46 304 516 00
E: info@kanoon.se
W: www.kanoon.se

Sweden, Europe

Optimum Technology

P: +9221 111 111 686
E: sales@optimum.com.pk
W: www.optimum.com.pk

Pakistan, Asia


P: +886 2 26592525
E: cs@syzygia.com.tw
W: www.syzygia.com.tw

Taiwan, Asia

TJC Asia

P: +65-6808-6464
E: sales@tjc-asia.com
W: www.tjc-asia.com

Japan & ASEAN Singapore, Malaysia. Indonesia, Philippines,
Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar

Buy a Play-Out Products

Play-Out is sold through a network of dealers and distributors. If you would like to buy any of our products please contact us and we will find an appropriate representative in your country.

  • I am interested to buy a Play-Out products.
  • Play-Out Info Master 365 (Windows Server)
  • Play-Out Signage
  • Play-Out XL-Signage
  • Play-Out Composer
  • Play-Out Master Control 365 (Windows Server)
  • Play-Out Desktop Warper
  • Play-Out Device Server
  • Play-Out Device Controller

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