A complete digital
signage solution

- creation - management - distribution.

Signage Producer | Signage Slide Editor

Signage Producer

The Producer software is an intuitive tool to manage, schedule and distribute
content in different resolution and orientation for multiple signage playlists.

Signage Producer | Signage Slide Editor

Signage Slide Editor

The Slide Editor allows you to create your own layout in a slide. You can arrange and mix
different media types in separate layers with function as scaling, move and picture in picture

Content Creation

Desktop Warper utilizes the power of graphics cards to render the Windows desktop directly in the frame buffer without manipulating the Windows operating system.

Any Size & Any Shape

Manually projector alignment before automatic camera alignment will give a perfect edge blend and warping results of Windows Desktop.

Network solution

No resizing of Windows desktop after camera alignment. Edge blend and geometric warping is pixel native for a perfect results in small text and details.

XL-Signage Multi Display

XL-Signage supports advanced multiple monitor technology delivering a massive desktop in a super-high resolution.
Is the ideal solution for powering display walls designed to attract, inform and engage audiences

Signage Display Client & XL-Signage Display Client

The display client has three settings to show and play media Locally from HDD, FTP server or via Play-Out Info Master 365 Web server. The display client can operate as an
independent unit and display content even if the network connection is interrupted. There are features for location indicator, status, display content preview, alarm,
preload time, live source and remote control setting.


Content Creation

Create, edit and manage content direct in the slide editor. What You See Is What You Get. That means you are editing and creating directly in channel design

Media Production

Compatible with mainstream production software including Adobe Creative Suites.


Signage client can be can monitored, controlled, and automatically restart via Play-Out Master Control 365.

Interactive Control

Interact, click, drag, and touch onto elements on the display area. Through simple drop down actions can multi touch function by added to any media objects. No programming skills required.


Create and schedule unique playlists for all individual signage locations.

Single or Multiple Displays

Supports single or multiple displays in any size, format or shape.

External Control

Supports external control systems such as Play-Out Device Controller, Crestron® or AMX®

Channel Structure

Any amount of display client can be connected to each channel. Independent resolution for each channels.

Alarm & Alert Message

Alarm /emergency message channels is created and activated by authorized users or via external event trigger. Alarm & Alert Message will be updated immediately in authorized channels.

Beyond 4K - 8K and Ultra HD

As the HD format has become the standard for large scale display, XL -Signage are able to support high-resolution video playback, with a maximum resolution of up to 8K.

Content and Playlist Update

New media and playlist is updated and downloaded in the background while the current content is displayed. Unused media files purged from the HDD to keep storage space.

Automatic Software Updating

With Play-Out ASUD will all Play-Out software be updated and installed from the Master Control Server 365.

Media Sources

- Image: JPG, PNG (alpha),
- Video: MPEG2, H264, VMW etc.
576, 720p, 1080p, 2160p 5760p
- WEB fully interactive, FLASH
- Streaming video, IP video
- Live source: DVI, HD-SDI
- Media element: Text, RSS

Live Input DVI / HDMI

Capture live input from a PC, video cameras, or DVI/HMDI/HD-SDI sources and integrate them into displaying content. Video sizes can be from 576p to 2160p with low-latency video.

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