WEB-Based Digital Signage
- content creation
- management
- distribution

Slide Editor | Scheduler

Info Master 365

Play-Out Info Master has an intuitive interface which makes it possible to use any web browser without any installation. In the Slide Editor: A slide contains
multiple layers of media objects stored in the global media library. Media objects can be superimposed, cut and repeated. Slides can be saved as templates for multiple projects.

Slide Editor | Scheduler

Info Master 365

Create and schedule unique playlists for all signage locations in one place. Slides, photos,
videos and web pages can be mixed in a sequence for advanced scheduling different times within a day or a week.

Content Management System CMS


Content Creation

Create, edit and manage content direct in your web browser.What You See Is What You Get. That means you are editing and creating directly in channel design

Media Production

Compatible with mainstream production software including Adobe Creative Suites.

Media Library Server

Uploaded media files are stored in a global media server. Users can use and share the same media files independently of each other.


Templates can contain layouts, background styles, media files and media objects. Templates can be shared in multiple projects and will be updated immediately on all the channels.


Create and schedule unique playlists for all signage locations by using Slideshow or Advanced Scheduling

Single or Multiple Displays

Supports single or multiple displays in any size, format or shape, even up to 8K video (XL-Signage only).

User Levels

User roles determine the access level or permissions of a person authorized (invited by an Administrator) to use a project, channels and in a slide object.

Channel Structure

Any amount of display client can be connected to each channel. Independent resolution for each channels.

Alarm & Alert Message

Alarm /emergency message channels is created and activated by authorized users or via external event trigger. Alarm & Alert Message will be updated immediately in authorized channels.

Windows Server - SQL Server

Made for Windows Server and SQL server to get the highest performance, reliability and security. Easily installed directly in the user’s own IT structure.

Media Sources

- Image: JPG, PNG (alpha),
- Video: MPEG2, H264, VMW etc.
- WEB fully interactive, FLASH
- Streaming video, IP video
- Live source: DVI, HD-SDI
- Media element: Text, RSS

No Installation

Create, content and scheduled playlist. Manage channels and users direct in any web browser without any installation.

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